Warrior Thoughts on Insurance…

“The Greatest Good to the Greatest Number will obviously be reached when each individual of the greatest number is doing the greatest good to himself.”

“Individualism has the strength to resist all attacks.”

Rose Wilder Lane

The health care situation is interesting. I’ve a few thoughts…

The vigorous opposition to more government in our lives is a good thing. Several intelligent, limited-government voices not pulling any punches are getting through, connecting and being heard. The genuine instances of this are inspiring.

About the rest, I have to to be honest, I find it all disingenuous and none of it inspiring. More…

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    Warrior hits the nail on the head again. America has gone from pride and power to pie and Prozac in less than a century. That is why I read your blog and listen to Michael Savage because I see more pie and Prozac people in my daily life with each passing day and less pride and power people. Warrior and Savage spread the word of sanity in an insane world.

  2. Ali says:

    another Legend Article ,

    this is the most powerful Article !!

    Keep going Mr.Legend .


  3. Donald Devon says:

    Hello Warrior my name is Don. I would first like to say that I was a very big fan of yours when I was younger, and always enjoyed your high energy performances. I agree with many of your points. I believe that it is unreasonable for those who chose to live a healthy life of discipline and moderation to be expected to have to suffer for the consequences of the unhealthly lifestyles of others. I often see people cause stress and tragedy to their families as a result of their unhealthy lifestle, and this I find unacceptable. At the same time, what I also find unacceptable is the attitude that many large corporations, law firms, insurance companies, etc. have to their employees. For example, many people, to be successful or to just support themselves and their famlies, are sometimes required to work 50-80 hours a week, sometimes more. If someone were to be required to work this amount of time, and have a family on top of it, many would find it extremely difficult to make the time to devote to physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Do you think that when such businesses require such a demanding work schedule, should they not also be required to provide thee time and the facilities necessary for their employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the duration of their employment? Or do you feel that it is simply on the individual to chose another position, or manage their time appropriately?

  4. Steve says:

    Great piece. You are very right take care of Your body, quit being lazy and live healthy.
    That is the only way to go, as far as goverment hehe You are so right defends us and leave us alone.

  5. Norm says:

    Keep shouting it from the rooftops, Warrior.

    And give the masses another blog entry. The warrior class needs its marching orders!

  6. Dan says:

    You are way off base with this dissertation. Obviously you have not experienced a close family member that is very ill and then been told that the insurance to cover medical and prescription care that they depend on is being cancelled retroactive eight months. We pay premiums to cover costs that are out of touch for most people to ever pay.

    You discuss the Chinese and their food. They were the first society to employ insurance theory. They would send hundreds, if not thousands of san-pans out to sea to deliver to other parts of China and trading partners. A premium was collected from the san-pan owners, and if their cargo fell into the hands of pirates or lost at sea, then they would be reimbursed by the collective.

    Insurance is a necessary evil today. The outright greed exhibited by the insurance companies is the expense we face. This why the insurance companies do not want the “public option”, it would create a true competition in the industry. Right now the collusion in the insurance industry is something that no one talks about, either out of hush hush or ignorance, but it is there. Price fixing and underwriting requirements are controlled by the top six or seven companies.

    The following areas are whatwe need to focus on, if we are to keep people healthy and a provide access to health care:

    Wellness: as you described in your article. People must be responsible for their health.

    Tort Reform: frivilous lawsuits and the sky is the limit payouts must be curtailed.

    Portability: People must be able to move to another state and keep their existing coverage, with the company of their choice.

    Pre-existing conditions: They must be eliminated.

    Policy limits: $1,000,000. should be a minmum. I know agents that are placing $5,000 policy limits, and these folks are considered part of the 188,000,000 people insured under employer group plans.

    Insurance is a great product when you need it. I never met anyone that enjoyed paying for a piece of paper and a promise.

    Have you ever had a claim nad was the promise kept


  7. Dana Low says:

    Hi Warrior, I hope you had a nice birthday recently. I am just responding to your post on insurance. Here is something to think about. Those of us who are paying for insurance through an employer are the lucky ones, because 99% of the time they do their best to make it affordable for us working stiffs. It’s the people who DO NOT get employer offered insurance that suffer. You say that people need it because they have health problems because their overweight, and yes this is true for most people. But there are those of us, like my husband for instance who has to take a ton of medication because of asthma and allergies, which is a health condition from birth and not from being fat or living an unhealthy lifestyle. And we have like $400-500 a month in prescription costs, which is like a million for people like us who make a modest salary. We could never afford his medications if we had no insurance and if he doesn’t have his meds he could die, this is a life-threatening thing. This whole universal health care idea is bunk! Do you know if your over 50 and you have an illness or injury, they won’t treat you because they figure if it costs over a couple of grand to save your life, it’s not worth it to keep you alive! Ask any canadian, that’s why they come to the US for their procedures, a person could die up there before they’ll get any help. Hell you have to wait a year up there just to get something simple like a hip-replacement! Yes, our health care system is messed up, but there’s gotta be a better solution than this.

  8. TIM says:

    Dan: It is not the role of the central government to buy insurance. What’s next? Gov’t Homeowners Insurance? Gov’t Life Insurance? Gov’t Auto Insurance? Then what? They’re already defining a job as a “right” so will the next “right” be transportation to the job and we’re all issued a gov’t car? How about a gov’t house?

    This easy to read gem is a blood pressure raiser:


    Does liberty count to these liberal/socialists anymore?

    I just “love” this one: “By setting a minimum 70% actuarial value of benefits, the bill makes health plans in which individuals pay for routine services, but carry insurance only for catastrophic events, (such as Health Savings Accounts) illegal.” Are you kidding me? Is this America still?

    “Contributions” = MANDATORY payments!!

    What the heck is the “Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund”? Is that like the government-run legalized Ponsi scheme/Social Security Trust Fund that has no real money in it? Oh, boy, I look forward to that!! Another “pay as you go” scam.

    Look at the POWER this so-called “secretary” receives! And the rest of the central government!

    Note page 124, Sec. 223, PAYMENT RATES FOR ITEMS AND SERVICES! My God, capitalism is KILLED by the central government right there! This is NOT the fair competition/price lowering the President and the liberal/socialists promised. THIS IS SOCIALISM/MARXISM!!

    The government has the power, the government this, the government that….WHERE IS LIBERTY! WHERE THE HELL IS LIBERTY! My right to @#$%^&! choose!!

    WTH?! Are you kidding me!!!

    If the bankrupt Medicare program is indicative of how this proposed program will be run, God help us. The central government can’t balance the current budget and it wants more to manage? And more of our hard-fought liberty to consume, too?

    And…AT LEAST TWICE the plan outlines powers to the government that cannot be reviewed by the courts: pages 284-288, SEC. 1151 and page 124, Section 223

    I do NOT consent!!

    And private insurance companies are NOT the problem.

  9. Dan says:


    “Listen-up”, as my old First Sergeant would say. I agree with you, we do not need a government run health insurnce. We do need reform, and we need it now. Health insurance companies do not give a rats-ass about you, the Warrior, me or anybody else. They are corporate greed money machines, and that’s it.

    As you can tell, I disagree with you on the point that private insurance companies are the problem. I met with my Congressman in his office, not a townhall meeting, along with several other health insurance brokers from the surrounding area. We discussed the health plans, plural, that are on the table. Remeber these men and a woman,derive their compensation from “private insurance companies”. They all agreed that insurance companies could care less about you and me. They are only interested in the bottom-line, insureds come in third or fourth in the line of priorities. That’s just the way it is.

    My idea is for a public option that is federally sponsored by Charter for a specified time, five to ten years, and then be divested from any government control as a private not for profit, mutual insurance company. The sole purpose would be to provide competetive coverage at the lowest possible cost to the American Public, without regard to profit driven motives. Believe me this could work. It would restore honest competition in the insurance arena.

    Not that this makes any difference to you; but I had a successful insurance agency for thirty years. I sold my agency and retired ten years ago. I have a limited working knowledge of the insurance business; but I know when something is broken, and health insurance is a wreck.


  10. TIM says:

    Dan: Let’s get real. Most companies, of any kind, do not “care” about you and me. The nice/fair ones are nice/fair because they want my business again. And that does not bother me. All I expect is good service or products at a fair market price. Their “caring” for me can stop right there.

    The way to achieve fair market value s NOT MORE government involvement, but less. The problem right now (as I outlined above) is the government IS ALREADY too involved. No one has the balls to say that lest they be accused of wanting to hurt the old (Medicare) and the poor (Medicade). Both of those programs are insolvent. Great for folks already receiving benefits but no good for down the road.

    It is NOT to role of the central govenment to get involved in private industry. When they meddle, we fail.

    The issue with high costs in the private sector is a combination of what I outlined above and a scarcity of supply (doctors and specialists AND insurance companies) which equals less choice and less incentive to be “competitive”. Another government run plan will not fix that.

    How do you have competition “without regard to profit-driven motives”? That makes no sense to me. The competition is for business/$$.

    What you are proposing will involuntarily cost taxpayers $$. It’s not my job to pay for anyone else’s insurance (of any kind). The role of government is not charity. Further, government programs, once initiated, do not go away. There will always be a reason to “keep it going”…

    Here’s a good read:


    Take care.

  11. SpongeDaddy says:

    it is a known fact that anytime there is an abundance of currency (even gold) hyper-inflation will occur within that micro-economic system. Gold prospectors who thought they had struck it rich were surprised to find out that the cost of their supplies in the local markets had increased sometimes tenfold.

    That being said I submit that in this system, insurance itself has contributed to the hyper-inflation of medical costs.

    I write this as a former accountant, and quite possibly the only person receiving medicare who wants the system scrapped.

    Be well,


  12. Kevin says:

    Here’s an idea. Instead of making health insurance affordable, why not make medical costs affordable? I had a friend who was involved in a hit-and-run while riding his bike–the cost just for his hospital stay (not counting surgeries) was almost $100,000. I don’t care how advanced a hospital can be–that is a ludicrous cost.

    Thing is, the driver that struck him and flipped him over their vehicle was never caught. His own insurance covered the cost, which was a relief. But they paid out something like $95,000… having to pay to a system that pays to already inflated prices (because the medical system can do that to large companies) is not something reflective of an intelligent system. Capitalism is a great system, but it’s not perfect and if the insurance industry were to ever collapse that leaves a gaping hole that facilitates the massive amount of payments due to these companies.

    So we find ourselves giving AIG capital crutches to keep this from happening–and juxtaposing that against paying tax money to support ailing individuals through federal programs makes it feel about the same to me.

    Truth is, nobody likes the idea of paying for someone else if that individual is more wasteful with the opportunities given to him/her. The ideal brewed up in this country that if you work hard you will earn what’s yours still holds true to many people. But the problem is that no matter how hard you work, you still most likely cannot pay for a back operation, or a liver transplant, or even a simple ER visit.

    What’s missing is the pinch of meritocracy that we’ve left behind. Now, I love many aspects of capitalism and libertarianism. But I have to say, it’s made us selfish. We do not do things for the sake of advancing ourselves as a species–we do them for profit, and only advance when it’s incidentally feasible. Even if we are inherently selfish beings, we have to come to terms with the fact that enough of us share mutual interests and goals that warrant cooperation. Preserving life and promoting health is one of those goals that ought to transcend the need to capitalize on providing the bare minimum: treating diseases rather than curing them, providing substandard care to those who cannot afford it, and not pursuing new treatments quickly enough because hospitals are more afraid of lawsuits and their record rather than the Hippocratic oaths of their doctors.

    I’ll stop ranting here. Everyone knows that something smells like bullshit with the current system, and everybody’s blaming someone, but at least some of us are thinking of and practicing solutions–even if mine are unrealistic and idealistic it never hurts to have either as goals in life. It doesn’t hurt to antagonize the status quo (with common sense, that is).

    As a sidenote, Warrior I was a big fan of yours when I was a kid. I don’t agree with some of your politics but I absolutely agree with your notions of promoting personal willpower, positive self-esteem, and self-reflection. Things like this transcend politics on a human level. I will continue enjoying reading your blog stuff from time to time.