Get up. Get out. Go tear something TODAY!

You know, it’s easy to have big balls when you are 20, 30 years of age. It’s another thing to have that big balls attitude, confidence, courage, audacity, assertiveness and aggressiveness into your 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90′s.

Based on a few hundred whining and complaining responses to my last post on insurance and my typical Warrior-stern emphasis on self-reliance, I have to wonder if some of you mens’ wives don’t often wonder if they are laying next to another woman at night instead of the man they believed they married. Take my advice: you want to impress (or try and get the sympathy of) someone hell bent on getting the most out of every day of their life, don’t write and tell them you were a real stud in high school and wore a letter jacket all weighted-down with pendants all three years of high school but you’ve let yourself go over the last 20 years and starting to feel and see the sorry-ass effects of having done so.

Today’s Labor Day. So how about subjecting yourself to some?! Get up off your ass, get outside…get out and give yourself a gut check. Maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to tear a muscle or two. These kinds of incredible, wonderful pains have a tendency to remind you that you are still alive. When you’ve had enough — which will be way, way before what your body and mind can actually handle — stand there, between your short, wheezy breaths and fear of heart attack, and ponder whether or not letting your physical self go all to hell all these years is really worth all the other comforts and securities you’ve acquired in your life.

If you say no, you stand a good chance at getting your big balls attitude back. If you say yes, you’re destined to live out the remainder of your days thinking, believing and acting tiny.

“Youth is not a time of life – it is a state of mind. It is not a matter of red cheeks, red lips and supple knees. It is a temper of the will; a quality of the imagination; a vigor of the emotions; it is a freshness of the deep springs of life. Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over a life of ease. This often exists in a man of fifty, more than in a boy of twenty. Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years; people grow old by deserting their ideals.”Samuel Ullman

Your Founding Father of Ring Intensity,

Always Believe,


12 Responses to “Get up. Get out. Go tear something TODAY!”
  1. Jesal says:

    Another EXCELLENT post Warriorman — when certain people don’t (or rather, refuse to) understand things when they are explained in a simple, yet blunt manner, then this is the best way to address them.

    I’ve been away for a bit, but I managed to read your blog entry about insurance — I agree with every point you made.

    The socialist/marxist approach that Obama is trying to strangle America with, it’s nothing short of criminal. I’m UK based, and so everyday I see first hand how socialist policies are failures — it makes the system even more prone to abuse.

    Obama once said that he wants to replicate the UK health system… and on that day, I realised that he’s an even bigger moron than I ever gave him credit for being. The UK health system is a notorious failure… and yet the leader of the world’s biggest superpower is inspired by it??? Great.

    It’s real simple — every individual has a PERSONAL responsibility to work hard, make a living for themselves, and see themselves through ALL challenges of life (because they CAN and MUST!). Human beings are more capable than they even know — they MUST look within and make use of their incredible potential to make GREAT things happen in their OWN lives!

    However, when a government wants to start spoonfeeding the bums of society (and in turn, give them reason to keep sitting their asses instead of doing something with their lives), things turn bleak and nations fall. But still, if the (Warrior minded) people are willing to take control of their lives and rise above the mediocrisity/anti-empowerment direction that governments want to take them, then there is STILL hope.

    For those who believe that “there isn’t enough time” to workout and dedicate to health and fitness, well, they just don’t “get it”. You HAVE to MAKE the time to give your body what it DEMANDS!

    Also Warriorman, I would like to take this oppertunity to thank you for the Warrior Workout START kit — I can finally say that when it comes to health and fitness, I do “get it”. The START kit purchase is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.



  2. SpongeDaddy says:

    Great post. It is rather ironic too. About half an hour ago my son (who also has Crohn’s) and I were out cutting tree limbs. I felt a tendon pop in my left hand while doing so. After we finished, Alex and I were draging the brush and he told me “That was kind of fun, daddy.” Indeed it was.

    I find some humor in the fact that I am more active now that when I was healthy 20+ years ago. Sure, the pain I live with stops me…but only for a time. Today I will push until I am exhausted (weed eating, etc) and Alex wants to cut down a dead tree in our yard. I am sure tomorrow I will pay for it. But today my willpower will overpower my pain.

    Many who know me give me shyt for “pushing myself.”

    What they don’t get is that to a disabled person, the times I am able to do crap like this…well, it is better than sex. There is a great pleasure from tackling a task…looking at it and saying “Yeah, I did that.”

    So many of our young and healthy people take their good health for granted. Years down the road they will face regret. And regret is the most dangerous of all emotions.

    Great post as usual my friend. And the three sickly people in this house all thought your insurance post was spot on. A hand thrust out for help is just begging to be chained.

    Be well,


  3. OneManArmy says:

    Interesting post. You are in fantastic shape for a man your age and I hope to be in similar shape myself when I am that age. Although, I don’t intend ever to juice, I hope to have similar size and definition in musculature and to maintain it as long as possible.

    I was just on Facebook and many of the people I knew from high school are already old and fat and it’s only been about 12-13 years since my graduation year. You’re right about people working to acquire security and comfort and then slacking off with their minds and bodies. I never acquired such security so I still have everything to prove I feel.

    It was probably best for your health that your wrestling career was as short as it was. If you look at people like Lawrence Pfohl and Terry Bollea, who are suffering back and spine injuries, you easily could have suffered the same fate had you stuck around longer.

    I would ignore the WWE/WWF people badmouthing you in “The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” as they are mostly company loyalist worms IMO. Just because a lot of people aren’t speaking well of you, doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong, in fact it is probably a good indication of your successfulness.

    I wasn’t there at your contract negotiations for wrestling, but my only critique would be that perhaps you could have tried to accept less money. That seemed to be the main issue of your multiple departures from professional wrestling.

  4. Mary says:

    The manner in which society as a whole, especially now treats or I should say mistreats our older generations is appauling.This whole health care pitch is making it appear appealing to actually let our elders go without a fight to prolong their lives just because they are “old”. I have an 84 year old Mom, 88 year old mom-in-law and 82 year old aunt who all will be living with me soon and their biggest concern is stretching their meager savings so they can afford some type of health care so we the younger generations don’t have to be burdened with their care. Since when is it a burden to care for those who gave you life?
    You inspire so many because you say what so many of us feel. I have physical limitations but I work out almost every day to a program you helped me design, and on those days when I just cannot make it to the work out room I work out my mind on rewarding projects that later will aid me in becoming a fully developed and contributing member of my family and our place in this world. So many whiners and so little time. Try living the lives our parents lived during the REAL depression then you can whine some…but they never have and they never will. They are eternally greatful just to still be here and it is up to us to make sure whatever time they have left is of the very best quality DESPITE what our government says we should do to further the cause of their socialist reform agenda.


    The only thing people are motivated to do nowadays is sit on the couch and moan about their miserable lives with a bag of doritos in one hand and a twinkie in the other while watching American Idol. Then they pick up their cell phone to call their lawyer to check on their malpractice case because their lap ban is not working. This is what my country has become. No motivation to even take the stairs. Elevators should be banned. Facebook should be assbook because the overload of fat asses in this country. I am glad I like to exercise and eat good food so when it comes crashing down I will be healthy enough to get out of the way.

  6. Jeff says:

    While I am not 50 yet, I am 40. My Mom is 80, she is as young, and in better shape than many 40 year old women. She spent this weekend helping to wallpaper my Nieces house. She also mows her own yard with a push mower and shovels her own snow. I live over 4 hours a way or I would help her. She grew up on a farm. Fortunately, I inherited her gumption. My neighbor commented to me this week that I was the only person on the block that uses a push mower and wanted to know when I was going to get a rider. I asked him why do I need to, I get out I get exercise and fresh air and sunshine. While I do not have any children, that same neighbor has trouble lifting his 2 year old daughter. I spent my weekend playing so hard with my 2 year old, 120 lbs Lab, tackling him running around the yard catching him and picking him up, that I wore him out. You know how hard it is to wear out a 2 year old Lab. He was so tired even the next morning we got up and let him outside and he promptly went out there and fell asleep again. Oh did I mention after I wore out my lab I went to the gym. I fully support this post, exercise will keep you young. I do shake my head and pity those people that live in McMansions with small yards that have riding lawnmowers.

  7. Wolf says:

    A very wise man once told me that there were 2 and only 2 types of people in the world.Those who burn out and those who fade away.I agree with you warrior but i already earned my torn muscles and ripped ligaments.I have,at 30,already have seen more blades than a benihanna.But if you think even for a second that i will ever stop training and pushing it till something gives your wrong.Dead wrong.

  8. Kirk Grinlinton says:

    Loving the posts and the inspirational quotes. You were one of my favorite wrestlers/personalities as a child, and still are today for your ideals and wisdom. About 3 years ago, I had wondered what you were doing(I was at a real low point in life). After listening to your inspirational talks and reading some of your material, I got back to my path of self-determinination and feeling empowered again. I now have been on a journey, like you spoke of in your life, that includes a ton of literature and constantly gaining knowledge. I got my spirit of the Warrior back!

    I’ll always believe,
    We all have it in us,


  9. Destrucity says:

    A positive and inspiring blog! Warrior, I am in the process of setting a world record for longest musical performance, influenced, inspired and dedicated to Destrucity!
    Thank you for your positive influence, you’ve had a tremendous impact on my life!

  10. hitfan says:

    Great post. I’ve been following your website for over 10+ years. I usually visit every 6 months or so because of the interesting things you have to say.

    Although I exercise regularly, I confess that I’ve been doing my exercises half-assed in the past year or so. I’ve noticed that I have quite a big gut now — so I’d probably be in worst shape if I didn’t exercise at all.

    I decided to put passion in my exercises again, especially after reading your post on the relationship between health care costs and obesity.

  11. Scott says:

    Well, I do totally agree with this. I am 32 years old and I do not sit around and piss and moan and go oh whoas me. I get my ass out there and make the most of my life. I am not strapped down by an i-pod or any of these idiotic contraptions. Hell, I don’t even want a cell phone if it wasn’t for my 6 and 1 year old. I have a job that is back breaking work and every day I go home and I am sore as hell and you know what? I enjoy every second of it. Because I am working my body every day and I am not behind a desk bench pressing a pencil. I REFUSE to go through life as a sub-human sloth sitting on my fat lazy ass watching tv all day yelling Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. If you weigh over a metric ton, or coughing up your lungs from 20 packs of smokes aday or deficating your kidneys and liver out from drinking, then you deserve it. It is your own fault if you abuse your body in this manner. Life is too short to waste. So go out there and take life by the balls and kick it’s ass. Make it your’s. One day you will wake up and….well, you just won’t wake up.

  12. The Baron says:


    You speak so many truths in this article.

    As a 40 something year old, I often “astound” men half my age on my physical activeness. I power lift three times a week, walk 4 miles a day, play soccer (both indoor and outdoor – depending on the season) once a week, as well as assorted other activities. I also stretch 5 times a week to keep the muscles at their best.

    I also love to read, debate and play strategic games (i.e. chess, etc) to keep my mind in fighting condition.

    I keep my spiritual strength up by meditating and clearing my mind of useless junk.

    I feel better now than I did when I was 30. Being old is in the mind. Keep active and keep young.

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