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Honky Tonk Man, Alexa Bliss, Melissa Saddler & The Big Show join Total Warriors!

August 30, 2018

Join WWE Ambassador Dana Warrior at 8pm ET right here on as Total Warriors launches into Parts Unknown!

Dana will be joined by our very special guests; WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man, Special Olympics VP or Marketing Melissa Saddler and WWE Superstars The Big Show and Alexa Bliss!

If you're checking us out on demand, you can find all the archives of Total Warriors on iTunes and Blog Talk Radio.

Team Warrior

Dana Warrior presents 2018 WWE Warrior Award to Jarrius "J.J." Robertson

April 05, 2018

Awarding the Warrior Award to Jarrius “J.J.” Robertson, Dana Warrior reflected on the beauty of the full circle moment of being back in New Orleans, where her late husband, Ultimate Warrior, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

Robertson, the 16-year-old leader of the #ItTakesLivesToSaveLives campaign, who has battled serious medical issues since a young age, showed off his signature pizazz on the Hall of Fame stage. Robertson showed love to the previous Warrior Award recipients, as well as thanking some of the Superstars he has befriended, including Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Zack Ryder. Jarrius urged everyone to consider the benefits of organ donation and the importance of never giving up before taking his leave … but not before entertaining the WWE Universe uproariously in the process.

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Dana Warrior Signs Multi-Year Deal With WWE As Brand Ambassador

February 06, 2017

On January 27, 2017 a contract between WWE and myself was officially executed. I could not be more excited about becoming an official part of the WWE family...although I always felt I was one. I have an opportunity now to work at WWE as a Brand Ambassador.


The relationship with WWE has built slowly and meaningfully; the way good ones do. From day one it was my mission to preserve my late husband's legacy and ensure his Warriors around the world continued access to his brand of inspiration. I could not have anticipated all the ways WWE would partner with me and then go beyond in sewing Ultimate Warrior into their universe's fabric. I could not have predicted how through this company I would find and develop myself, cultivate and unearth my skills. My roots were already at WWE; they've given me a place to struggle through growing pains but ultimately bloom.


This contract is affirmation of crossing into a new era of Warrior. The next phase honors the Warrior Women amongst us who carry the mantle too. WWE has been championing women emerging as athletes, executives, and business pioneers all along. I am honored to be amongst so many I admire and deeply respect.


Personally this opportunity feels like the ultimate "Always Believe" moment. It makes worth every sleepless night, every sacrifice, every moment of doing what scared the blonde out of my hair to do. It is proof if you work diligently you can prove yourself an asset, not a project. It is proof that hard work feels better than being handed something. For me, it is an example to my own Warrior Girls service to others is the greatest gift we give yielding ultimate reward.


The opportunity to be an ambassador for a company I feel passionately about is a dream come true. The chance to serve partners WWE has forged bonds with stitches up places in my heart left after tragedy. It is through service we experience true fullness of life. In championing causes greater than our own self interest we grow ultimately rich and wise. Being trusted with this platform  to share my hard earned hope  lights me with happiness. I did not know nearly three years ago it was possible to feel so alive again. Thanks to all you Warriors, the WWE Universe, and my family at WWE I am filled with gratitude and hope and ready to begin a bright new path.


The road to Wrestlemania is rolling out before us and I'm in fighting shape for Orlando. I am an enormous fan of our Superstars and their individual excellence. I am humbled by the opportunity to support and stand beside them. I am grateful to the team at WWE who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make possible our ability to serve.


I look forward with enormous excitement to shaking my OWN ropes in the WWE Universe while honoring my husband's legacy. Daunting boots to fill, indeed...too big to even try.


I believe I'll put on a pink pair of my own boots and blaze a he would tell me I was capable of doing...Always.



Special Edition Warrior Shirts For Connor's Cure

October 02, 2016

Warriors! We are proud to release two brand new limited edition gold leaf, signature Ultimate Warrior shirts to support Connor's Cure. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Connor's Cure for pediatric research.


A special edition of the Ultimate Warrior logo and Ultimate Warrior "Champion" shirt are available with a exclusive version of Warrior's "Always Believe" signature on the back. 


Available for a limited time in the Warrior Store.

Tean Warrior

Dana Warrior To Host One Night Only Warrior Girl Podcast

August 08, 2016

Ultimate Creations presents Dana Warrior Live! "The Warrior Girl Podcast".


On September 1st 2016, Dana Warrior will be hosting a one night only special podcast answering your calls and questions!

Win ring worn Ultimate Warrior arm tassels and a signed copy of WWE's Ultimate Warrior "A Life Lived Forever" (signed by Dana Warrior).

Join us this Thursday Warriors at 8pm ET (1am UK) by hitting the button below!

Team Warrior

New Ultimate Warrior Store Launched

June 07, 2016

The official store of Ultimate Creations, Inc.


Visit the new 2016 Warrior Store for exclusive merchandise including T Shirts, Jackets, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Vests and more.


Shipping worldwide.

Dana Warrior Launches Blog / Ask Dana Video Series

September 19, 2015

Exclusive to Dana Warrior has announced her very own weekly blog; A Splash of Pink "TechniColor Commentary". Dana's first blog launches September 21st with a new blog every single Monday! Join us and follow the journey of a true Warrior woman. You can check out the first blog right now by hiting the blog button on the website menu. Dana has also announced a Fan Q&A page "Ask Dana" to give you Warrior style advice! Whether it's indepth Ultimate Warrior questions you're seeking answers to or help with a problem, contact Dana today by hitting the button below! Dana will answer a couple of questions per week.

Dana Warrior Interview on Talk Is Jericho

September 19, 2015

Dana Warrior joined WWE legend and Fozzy front man Chris Jericho for her first ever podcast interview on Talk Is Jericho! In an emotional and inspiring interview you'll hear how Warrior's rift with WWE & Vince was finally mended, his initial reaction to his WWE Hall of Fame induction, and who were among his favorite in-ring opponents.


Dana also shares stories from Warrior's life outside the ring - what he was really like as a husband & father, why living in a small, rural town suited him so well, the real reason he cut his trademark long hair, and the true story behind the "cookie sniffing!" Check it out now on ITunes or hit the link below!

WWE "Ultimate Warrior" A Life Lived Forever Released

August 31, 2015

Through both action and candid photographs; personal ephemera, including original Warrior art and rare artifacts; insider stories and exclusive interviews with WWE legends; and intimate accounts from the Warrior family, this unique biography brings the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior to life like never before.


Relive the Warrior s most intense matches and rivalries, and get to know the man behind the face paint in this one-of-a-kind volume. Filled with intense action and little-known details, Ultimate Warrior: A Life Lived Forever is a celebration of the Superstar who left an inimitable mark on WWE and redefined sports entertainment for several generations.


Foreward by Dana Warrior and introduction by Paul "Triple H" Levesque.


Available now at book stores on online retailers nationwide.

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