Warriors on the Precipice...#AskDana β€˜s answer to graduates.

#AskDana answers those young warrior graduates πŸŽ“ asking about β€œfiguring things out” as they head into the world. I’d say.. Congratulations!!!!...and inhale deeply...you do not need all the answers at this very moment... Breathe and BE. You’ll only ever be this age, this once. There’s no call to grow up, entirely, RIGHT NOW... Stop pressing ahead of yourself. Please, slow it down. Know the best things come in time; and that takes some time. You have to know who YOU are before you can know precisely what it is you want to BE. You need to enjoy the becoming of yourself. Plant seeds of your heart’s desire then show them hard work, time, attention, and care. Realize you are entitled only to what you are willing to work for with diligence. Absolutely nothing more. I hear adults my age and older bemoan what they believe they β€œdeserve but didn’t get”. I always softly ask, β€œdid any of your paychecks bounce.” When the answer is no I remind them; they were paid what they were due. If you fail to negotiate realistic, proper compensation commiserate with a skill set...that’s on you. Never bank on bitterness. It’s an investment that will rob you blind. Do not inflate your ego; expand your resume. No job is ever beneath you. Ever. In relationships go slow. There’s so much time in life to be part of a pair. Be brave enough to go solo. Stand on your OWN two feet. Don’t run from Mom and Dad’s house to the β€œsecurity” of a β€œpartner”. Yes, this might be less fearsome; it’s also far less fun! Part of life’s adventure is risk without a safety net. Growing up is a one person job; in doing it alone you’ll bring your best self to the person to whom you do choose to give your heart. On that note...never allow another to determine your worth; define that pricelessness all on your OWN!! You are in this body of yours all your life. You are the only one who has witnessed the happenings from day ONE. You know the moments of ecstatic triumph and bitter defeat. You’ve lain alone in the dark of night and cried as well as hoped. This will happen all your life. You do not graduate from humanity. You gather wisdom, if you are living correctly, but your existence will have ups and downs. You will be ok if you remember: It’s nothing personal...it’s just life. If nobody on the face of the earth has told you, please, allow me, my petite sweet pea... YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT! You are singular and totally unique. You have the benevolent light of an all loving creator within you. Life starts wherever you press play. You can be common and ordinary because that requires less work or you can slug it out in life and shine like the rare gem I know you were destined to be... Choose to be expensive. Time is not speeding ahead without you. I tell my girls, β€œDivine timing is ALWAYS right on time.”. You have time to take on the world, to make your mark, to stumble, skin your knee, nurse a broken heart, seek truth, define truth differently. You have time to fight β€œthe man”; then possibly learn to respect that same β€œman” through the lens of maturity. You have sooooo many tiny, great moments you won’t even know are β€œtiny but great” until they make you smile years from now. You have time, young Warriors...Take on that time with joy and purpose. Strategize an ultimate future while embracing the powerful present in the gift of becoming YOU! I believe in the clean slate of youth and our ability to wipe the slate clean, repeatedly, as we grow. I believe mistakes are instructions; clean up any mess, OWN the consequences, and move forward, unburdened. I believe every stage of life is a graduation; and it’s never too late for any of us. I believe in the beauty of becoming and that it is better to be a late bloomer, than an early burner...Always! Congratulations and good luck to life’s graduating classes, in academia and beyond! May you embrace bravery like a weapon and Slay this precious life bestowed only, ever, to you. xoπŸŽ“πŸ€πŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸŒ»πŸŒΌdΒ 

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