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Warriors Believe in Visions (Sugarplums and Otherwise;)...

It is Christmas Eve 2018, Warriors, and I’m invoking the call for magical visions in the season of belief! If you are prone to cynicism; ditch it. If that “bah humbug” vibe has you down, overcome it! Replace anything negative with a new, ULTIMATE vision! Make plans to unwrap the gift of your OWN potential on Christmas Day and into the bright, shiny, New Year! 

No matter where you find yourself Christmas Eve you can dig deep into that dreamer you once knew and uncover the innocence of believing in something purely magical. Life is not an easy road for anyone but it is a beautiful journey for those who choose the motto of belief. Every time tested story of ultimate love, belief, and sacrifice resonates in a Warrior’s soul. The common theme sewn through them all is perseverance and adherence to a vision of benevolent good. On Christmas Eve pause to behold the simple beauty of goodness in your fellow man. Think of ways others have shown you love and bathe in the light of that blessing. Too many people count the people who do not show up, or what they did not receive, instead of all the ways they stood blessed. Happiness and gratitude is a decision; it’s a choice. So is bitterness. Choose joy! Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year! We have family traditions that give me a happy heart! There will be a hot chocolate toast, piñon fires lit, farrolitos lining the streets, the hope of snow in the air, presents wrapped, It’s a Wonderful Life watched, new pajamas received, and, “sleep well” wishes called room to room before excited sleep finally falls. When I lay in bed on the cusp of dreams I will thank the Powers above for the blessings of my home and the beauty of my daughters. I will give thanks for my closest, bestest, pals for the love given and received with ultimate reciprocity. I will make wishes for each of my Legion of Warriors who have offered such loyalty and love. I will ask ease for souls burdened with sorrow, and grace for those with regret. I will make wishes for hearts to open and the learning of new ways that lead to inclusion and acceptance. Before I drift into the place of rest, I will have visions, laced with pink sugarplums, of Ultimate Goodness spread warm like a blanket across the globe. I believe in Peace on Earth and goodwill to ALL... ...this Christmas Eve... ...and ALWAYS! Much love and Merry Christmas, Warriors! xo🌟d  

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