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Warriors Write Resumés

 Won’t lie... I have a lot on my plate right now!! Wonderful changes, opportunities, and then some...Yuck! ... Professionally, I’m on cloud nine...personally, my kids are healthy, happy, and thriving (the most important measure). The wrench was one I had not anticipated, yet must endure... I have been dealing with the dreaded upheaval of yet another move!! I shared our departure from casa de warrior into the petite nest built for tres warrior girls. I intended to buy the home I made after an extended lease. Things, however, went sideways in truly heartbreaking ways. I had to retain an attorney and terminate my lease. Amidst the excitement of my new creative opportunities I had to make a lateral move and get myself moving!! I believe things happen for a reason and believe further the wrongs done are always made right. I didn’t want to move but the universe had other plans sooooo...I laced up my doc martens, grabbed my hot pink duct tape, and got to boxing 📦 ! I got my ducks in a row and my wonderful group of girlfriends got into gear. Before I knew it one pal had a house lined up to lease! This little casa is más pequeño and totes adorable!! Every off day from travel I have packed, labeled, stored, organized, and discarded. Won’t play Pollyanna Sunshine here...hasn’t exactly been skipping unicorns and rainbows; I’ve been holding on through a pretty tumultuous storm. Still, as always happens, a glimmer of pink, er, I mean light, parts the clouds and a peek into a deeper lesson is ultimately revealed. I was pouring through paperwork to shred or file when my eyes glanced something hot pink. Pulling it from beneath the colorless stack I was transported to an era long ago. This nearly neon, legal sized envelope, contained a one page wink to a long ago time when I was fearless and free. Unbelievably, I held in my hands, the pink resumé submitted to Warrior on the day we first met. I legit lol ed at the daring innocence of submitting such a flashy job application long before Elle Woods was legally blonde. Reading my job qualifications as a brand new Arizona State graduate made me smile. Seeing my maiden name emblazoned in black on that hot pink page made me think. “Look at you, Dana”, I mused, “Look at that girl...full of hope and unabashed grit!” I took a minute to really appreciate that girl. I gave 21 year old me proper appreciation for her daring in writing a Warrior-ized resumé. That wide eyed, innocent scrapper put her Bo Jackson high top Nike’s on the path that gave me my life. Warriors, when’s the last time YOU wrote a Warrior resumé? When did you title a document with your very OWN name and go through the list of qualifications that make ULTIMATE YOU? When did you last tout the greatness of your creation and believe, whole heartedly, YOU were the only warrior for the job? In truth, I’ve had to do this a few times since the days I printed mine on bright pink. The paper I’ve submitted has been a more subtle blush but on it I’ve advocated my skill set with a new last name. I became an Ambassador for a company I genuinely love. My Ambassadorship lead me to finding a home in the Community arm of the WWE and being asked to write columns reflecting the amazing work they do! This position, alongside my weekly blogs, created a body of work that opened doors to writing universes far beyond my imagination. I never dreamed of opportunities I’m wide awake and working on now!! My creative motor is revving and I have a hot pink piece of paper to thank for the first step of becoming a woman warrior. This week’s assignment, Warrior Tribe, is to check in with the most audaciously, confident, YOU! Peel back the scar tissue of loss, disappointment, hurt, abuse, misfires or bad breaks and remember the power of believing in your very OWN genius!! Say hi to the dreamer! Greet that guy or gal who saw rejection as nothing personal, but in fact, a loss for the rejector! This week I implore you to get back on the hunt for life’s bounty and BELIEVE its manifestation is your rightful due!! Warriors, unearth your oldest resumé and smile. Clear away bitterness, shuffle life’s deck, and believe the best hand is yet to be dealt and played. Step back in time, Warriors, and borrow a little gumption from your young-self gambler who always believed in the odds of a win! I believe in writing resumés. I believe in making them pink. I believe we write the universe a resumé through thought and action we must boldly submit. I believe a worthy job applicant will be promoted far beyond their wildest dreams if they dare to be audacious...ALWAYS!!! xo💌d  

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